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Tip 1 - Before you start out on this great hobby... Do some research. We see many folks that get into so called RTR boats and have nothing but troubles on down the line... Radio Controlled Gas Boats are fun fun fun, but only if they are set up right, working right and dialed in. We were very fortunate to find folks at Legg Lake that were racers and we got help right off the bat !! So... get some help from an experienced boater... and preferrably a racer. The racers know what blows and what goes, what boat needs tons of rudder and what does not... etc etc etc... Tip 2 - A Radio Controlled Boat is only controlled if it has radio. We've seen it time and time again.. Boaters loosin radio and smashing a very expensive toy. When we are getting ready to go boating we 1st check the battery with volt / ohm meter like sold here on Supplies Page. We install the battery and use 1" or so of RC Boat Parts . com Radio Box Tape on the battery plug. We usually wrap the battery with a lil paper towel. Then we usually wad up another piece of paper towel and place in the bottom of the radio box to wick up any water that happens to get in.

Add a piece of paper towel under the lid to keep receiver and battery from moving and then we tape down the lid with, you guessed it... Our RC Boat Parts . com Radio Box Tape

Now its time for a Dry Check or shore check or save yourself some serious $$ Radio Check. Always turn on TX before RX.. and shut RX off before shutting off TX.. this will save you from getting glitched and slamming your servos and bending linkage or breaking something...

Now for Radio check.... keep the TX antenna down.. turn on TX... Turn on RX.. and walk away from boat... listen as you move throttle.. you can hear the servo usually.. and watch the rudder for movement or glitching. You should be able to get 40 - 50' away from the boat with no glitching with the TX antenna down.

If all is good.. have your pitman start the boat and make sure you get no glitching with engine running... If all is still good MAKE SURE YOU RAISE YOUR ANTENNA and then Go boating. If not, do yourself a favor and find out what is up. We love selling you parts, but for the right reasons... We hate hearing horror stories or even worse.. witnessing them live!!

Tip 2

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