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Tape World Best Radio Box Tape - Our RCBoatParts.com radio box tape is specially formulated to adhere and seal well, yet it removes without leaving any unwanted residue. It is 1" wide x 5 mills thick x 36 yards per roll. Offer here is for (3) rolls.
Discount Price - $30.00 + shipping

Worlds Best Cable Grease Worlds Best FlexCable Grease - Our RCBoatParts.com cable grease is the slipperyest, stickyest blue goo you've ever seen. We have specially formulated this high viscosity petroleum based marine grease for model boating. Our "Blue Goo" is perfect for cable and shaft lube. Here you get (3) ~4oz. Big Mouth containers makes for easy access to your goo.
Discount Price - $15.00 + shipping

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