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Seebold Outdrive The Seebold Outdrive is the strongest, most adjustable RCBoat outdrive on the market today. This outdrive is designed to make cable maintenance a snap. Simply remove the lock screw for the outdrive and the stinger, shaft, ferrel and cable all pull out in a snap. This outdrive is designed for Square Drive at the motor but will work with collet at motor as well!!

Our Price: $99.00 + S & H

Seebold Cat or Hydro Strut The Seebold Cat or Hydro strut assembly is perfect for your Cat or Hydro. Very strong and very adjustable. Clean design allows all bolt heads to be inboard.

Our Price: $75.00 + S & H

Seebold Rudder Assembly The Seebold Rudder Assembly comes complete as shown. You get rudder stand-off, rudder pivot, and rudder. All parts are made from billet aluminum and are strong as nails.

Our Price: $85.00 + S & H

Seebold Crackerbox Hardware The Seebold Crackerbox Hardware Assembly is Big, Bold, Strong and still lightweight. Includes Strut, Strutmount, Rudder assembly and turnfin assembly.

Our Price: $160.00 + S & H

Seebold Sick Cyl Mods The Seebold Sikk Cyl Mod is top notch.. Watercool that Sikk motor in a heartbeat!!

Our Price: $50.00 + S & H

Seebold Tbar The Seebold T Bar holds and adjusts your stuffing tube with a breeze. This handy device fits betweeen your boats rails just at back of engine.

Our Price: $55.00 + S & H

Seebold Tbar The Seebold prop balancer is large and in charge. This stable beast will hold your prop perfectly and allow you stable balancing.

Our Price: $65.00 + S & H


We offer the Zero G balancer at Supplies.html

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