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Seebold Motorsports Hardware Seebold Motorsports manufactures hardware, prop balancers and other items for RC Boating. Struts and mounts, rudder assemblies, outdrives, turnfins and mounts, stuffing tube block, and more coming every day! All Seebold Motorsports parts are billet and on the overkill side, which is why we like them. Todays Gas RCBoats are going faster and faster and our parts now need BEEF to survive. Check out the Seebold gear here.

Insane Hardware Insane Boats Hardware is race tested and proven. We carry the complete line of Insane Hardware. Jeff Michaud has been racing and developing Insane Hardware for years. Tested tough, adjustable and a perfect choice for your Insane Boat.

SpeedMaster Hardware SpeedMaster Hardware is race tested and proven. We carry the complete line of SpeedMaster Hardware. Bill McGraw of Rossi Sales has been manufacturing race winning boat parts for years and years

Voodoo Props VooDoo Props are making their way into the RC Boat racing world. We carry the stainless versions of the VooDoo Props and they are harder than any other props weve ever seen. Once you get an edge and balance on these babies, they keep it

Driveshaft Assembly .250" Hardened Driveshaft Assembly includes shaft, lock nut, ferrel and drivedog.

Our Price: $17.00+ S & H

Drivedog 1/4" Drivedogs engage the knotches in prop hub and make em spin!!!

Our Price: $5.00+ S & H

FlexCable (.250) x VARIOUS LENGTHS Flexcable for square drives has square cable on one end, round on other. Can be cut to length.

Our Price Varies depending on length + S & H

24 INCH FLEX CABLE - $20.00 + S/H
30 INCH FLEX CABLE - $30.00 + S/H
36 INCH FLEX CABLE - $36.00 + S/H

Welded One Piece Cable Welded (.250") One Piece Cables come in various lengths. These cables are for use for round collet at motor and can be cut to custom length. Just make sure you order a cable just longer than the one in your boat now.

Our Price Varies depending on Cable Length + S & H

24" WELDED CABLE - $30.00 + S/H

32" WELDED CABLE - $36.00 + S/H

36" WELDED CABLE - $40.00 + S/H

collet Stainless Collet for round 1/4 Flexcables. Round/Welded cable Insert Included Can be used with squaredrive insert below..

Our Price: $19.00+ S & H

collet Square Drive insert for Stainless Collet. Just slap in this insert to convert your boat from round drive to square drive.

Our Price: $8.00+ S & H

collet Brass 1/4" squaredrive to fit clutch or DirectDrive Nosecone below (Comes with mounting stud)

Our Price: $18.00+ S & H

collet Aluminum Nosecone mounts to taper on crankshaft. Use with ALum Squaredrive above.

Our Price: $10.00+ S & H

zubernuts Zuber Nuts are aircraft quality metal locking nuts designed to hold your props securely. Fits 1/4" driveshafts. These babies are tons better than Nylocks..
Big B says.. Zuber that Prop

Bag of (6)

Our Price: $5.00+ S & H

Website is growing fast! if you need parts that are not yet listed.. email us here

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